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All Four by Four programmes are developed in partnership with our clients; we do not suggest off-the-peg solutions to problems requiring tailor-made answers.

Our starting point is identifying what the client wants to achieve for the organisation, and devising the route for each individual involved.

We spend time establishing rapport and building relationships in order to establish a mutual trust which will allow us to stretch and challenge each team member to the full - to the maximum benefit of the organisation.



Leadership Development

We believe that leadership is something that can and should occur everywhere in an organisation, regardless of position.

Identifying your potential leaders is akin to the excitement of finding gold dust; it’s not always where you expect it to be!

However, if you nurture, challenge and encourage your future leaders to take on the leadership role, then your organisation can be transformed.

21st century leaders need to be consultative, inclusive, excellent communicators and motivators, and above all: to listen.

This may not fit with the traditional autocratic view of leadership, but our experience shows that businesses which embrace this approach thrive and grow; they are healthy, in the widest sense.



Coaching for professionals

Coaching is a proven means of successfully achieving your goals. It works on an individual level and encourages you to find your own answers to your current issues and challenges.

It releases blocks, fires up creativity and provides clarity of direction and focus.

As a result you can expect to experience increased self-esteem, reduced stress levels, increased motivation, better time-management and improved performance.

All Four by Four coaches provide a total coaching service, in complete confidence. We will support and guide you, challenge and stimulate you, while providing an independent, non-judgemental ear to your thoughts and ideas.



Applied Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the practice of using thinking about feeling and feeling about thinking when deciding what to do.

Applying EI in the workplace enables managers to predict performance, both in the individual and in the organisation as a whole.

The more emotionally intelligent you are, the more you are likely to be happy and healthy, have more satisfying relationships, and be successful.

Emotionally intelligent people have stronger immune systems, are less anxious, have fewer infections, are less prone to stress-related problems, and are less likely to have accidents.

Applied EI is desirable from the individual perspective, but also makes sound sense from a business and management point of view.



Inter-gender communication

In our equal-opportunities-aware environment many organisations strive to treat men and women exactly the same.

But the fact is that men and women DO speak a different language. They also have different fundamental values, needs and attitudes.

Organisations which accept the differences and adapt their working practices can reap substantial benefits. Greater team co-operation, increased creativity, fewer misunderstandings and resentments are only the beginning.

Our programmes aim to create a workforce that can take positive advantage of the differences between men and women, benefiting both the bottom line and client relations.


"The book provides a hands-on blueprint for success as a manager."

Patrick Forsyth, Touchstone Training and Consultancy

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